Ask The Director

What Determines the Cost of a Funeral?
Post by: Kevin A. Combest, CFSP on 5/4/2018

You may have a funeral to plan and you may want to make sure it is exactly what the deceased would have wanted, but you also need to know how much the service is going to cost.

What Does a Funeral Director Do?
Post by: Kevin A. Combest, CFSP on 5/11/2018

When a loved one passes away, we pick up the phone, call a funeral home, and enlist the services of a professional funeral director-almost as a matter of instinct. However, have you ever stopped to think about what it is the funeral director really does?

What Purpose Does a Funeral or Memorial Service Serve?
Post by: Kevin A. Combest, CFSP on 5/24/2018

The funeral or memorial service has long been a ritualistic rite of passage in our culture.