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Who may need a Death Certificate? Print

This list below indicates who may need a certified copy of the death certificate.
__ Each Life Insurance Claim being processed
__ Real Estate Transactions
__ Vehicle Title Transfers
__ Boat Title Transfers
__ Each Stock/Bond or Each Stock/Bond Portfolio
__ Oil Leases
__ Bank Accounts (Including savings, checking, cd�s Ira�s)
__ Probating a Will
__ Purchases with Credit Life Insurance Attached
__ Some Credit Cards Companies
__ Prearranged Funeral or Cemetery Insurance/Trust
__ Government or Employer Claims/Pensions
__ Other ______________________________________________
_____ Total Certified Death Certificates Your Family Might Need

Follow Up Checklist Print

After services and final disposition of your loved one has been done, you may find there are still a few things that need to be done. Below is a list of some of those things to keep in mind.

_____ Call Social Security Office Breitling Super Avenger Replica
_____ Call Financial Institutions (Banks, Savings and loans, Etc.)
_____ Check on Investments (Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Etc.)
_____ Check on Company Benefits (Employer)
_____ Call Attorney as Needed
_____ Check on Status of Creditors
_____ Make any Changes on Real Estate as Needed
_____ Make a List for Acknowledgement Cards and Mail
_____ Plan to Attend Grief/Recovery Workshops
_____ Mail Death Notice or Personal Cards to Friends

Providing funeral and cremation services in Lubbock and surrounding West Texas areas.
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