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We’re here every day to help in times of need. And in small communities like the ones we serve, we often grieve along with families and friends. Please take a moment to read what your friends & neighbors have to say about Combest Family Funeral Homes in our Testimonials.

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We offer unique opportunities for families to create healing moments after loss. Our experience will help you discover ways to pay tribute. Explore options for your loved ones Memorial Service whether traditional or cremation.

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Celebrating the life you shared together is the cornerstone of healing after loss. For help after the memorial service is over, sign up for our FREE Grief Support Newsletter and read through our Grief Brochures.


James Rucker

of Lubbock, TX

April 13, 1960 - July 17, 2019

Esperanza Ortiz

of Lubbock, TX

April 18, 1972 - July 16, 2019

Charles Smith

of Lubbock, TX

July 9, 1932 - July 16, 2019

Kenneth Pearson

of O'Donnell, TX

April 2, 1931 - July 13, 2019

Eugene Haley, Jr.

of Lubbock, TX

May 28, 1951 - July 12, 2019

Janet Myrick

of Lubbock, TX

April 16, 1937 - July 12, 2019

Penny Denison

of Lubbock, TX

April 11, 1957 - July 11, 2019

George Krusinsky

of Lubbock, TX

April 10, 1932 - July 11, 2019

Plan Ahead

Your life is unique ... Pre-Planning with us guarantees a funeral that is just as unique as you or the loved one you want to remember. Our funeral directors will help you put your final wishes in writing thus resolving your most personal matters with a clear mind, in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, even in the comfort of your own home.

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We’re your neighbors and friends and have been, now, for more than 50 years. We are hands-on owners and operators in your local neighborhood. With the help of an exceptional staff, we continue in the tradition of our founders to provide each service with all our respect. Let us serve you.